About me

I am a passionate C/C++ developer - both as a hobbyist and a professional on a daily basis. I started coding in C++ at age 15 and since then I've been working mainly on low-level component development like network stack implementations, APIs design and implementations, embedding scripting languages in various projects etc. For a while I also worked in web development, mainly utilizing PHP, JavaScript, HTML & CSS languages.

In my free time I enjoy watching various TV series (in awful amounts) or some films (especially James Bond ones - hence the nickname), riding on my bike, tinkering with my car or acting as a electronic engineer developing circuits for ATMega microprocessors.


  • 2015 - present
    (over a year)

    Grape Up Sp. z o.o. - C/C++ & C++/CLI Developer

    Main responsibilities:

    • development & maintenance of Unified Communication Client SDK on Windows platform written in C++ & C++/CLI
      • network stack including HTTP & WebSocket client
      • contact management components, including meta-contacts
      • collaborative components - desktop & application sharing, drawing
      • implementation of public API written in C++/CLI exposing key functionality of SDK
    • contact with client's development team on daily basis (in English, spoken and written)
    • participating in daily stand-ups and doing code reviews for peers (Crucible)
    • task management in JIRA
    • continuous integration using Bamboo

    Keywords: C/C++ C++/CLI JavaScript Bash WinAPI TCP/IP Web Services Visual Studio JIRA Crucible Bamboo

  • 2013 - 2015
    (over a year)

    NET Innovation Software Sp. z o.o. - PHP & JavaScript Developer

    Main responsibilities:

    • development of NetBanking application (credit and loan management) written in PHP / PostgreSQL
      • loan reports and statistics module
      • exporting data to accounting application
      • processing of bank statements (MT940) and automatic account balancing
      • exporting bank dispositions in Elixir format
      • quality assurance module - automatic validity checking of contracts
    • improvements in mobile front-end of Piotr i Paweł e-store
    • client support for developed modules

    Keywords: PHP PostgreSQL JavaScript HTML CSS Yii jQuery Bootstrap

  • 2012
    (3 months)

    WTW.im Sp. z o.o. - C/C++ Developer

    Main responsibilities:

    • development of core application
    • implementation of Squirrel scripting engine in order to support various kinds of internet SMS gates
    • reverse-engineering of GG11 protocol (one of the IM protocol supported by application) and implementing found changes / new features

    Keywords: C/C++ WinAPI MFC TCP/IP SSL Scripting engine

  • 2011
    (one month)

    DevCore.NET s.c. (internship)

    Paint-like application that allows real-time painting for multiple users over network

    Keywords: C# WPF TCP/IP

Independent Projects

  • 2014 - 2015

    Custom CMS written in PHP using Yii 1.x framework, PostgreSQL 9.x, jQuery and Bootstrap. System allows publishing car sales offers, managing available service types with pricing, provides gallery and contact page, including contact form. Application contains database of available cars and their's properties like number of doors, engine types for auto-completion when offer is being created. Front-end is a main application, where administration facilities were placed inside Yii module.

    Keywords: PHP HTML5 jQuery Bootstrap PostgreSQL

  • 2011 - 2013

    Small Internet Messenger application that implements Gadu-Gadu protocol targeting Symbian S60 platform. Written in C++ using Qt 4.8 framework and designed to work on Nokia phones. Basic functionality covered sending and receiving text messages, displaying contact's list with presence and description, changing own presence and description.

    Keywords: C/C++ TCP/IP Qt

  • 2008 - present
    WTW Plugins

    Set of over twenty plugins extending functionality of WTW.im Internet Messenger. All plugins are written in C++, most of them utilizes ATL/WTL as a GUI library. Some of most popular plugins provide emoticon support, sound notifications, iMessage / Bonjour protocol support, IRC protocol support, uploading images to remote web services (imgur.com) and sending link to image to target contact.

    Keywords: C/C++ Lua WinAPI TCP/IP ATL/WTL Scripting engine Multi-threading Web Services

  • 2006 - 2013

    Fork of StrongDC++ client created specifically for hub administration purposes and performance tweaks. Application supports plugins API (and via plugin it supports Lua scripts API compatible with scripts written for BCDC++). It was the first DC-compatible client that supported native 64-bit executable. Some of administration features includes automatic tool for checking users and theirs list of shared files against malicious / illegal content, automatic tool for checking whether client conforms to DirectConnect standard and it does not violates rules of hub (fake number of shared files, upload slot blocking, fake number of connected hubs, etc.). Project was discontinued due to death of upstream project.

    Keywords: C/C++ TCP/IP Multi-threading Scripting engine Lua


  • 2012 - 2013

    Master's degree in Computer Science from Białystok Technical University

    MSc thesis: Testing server application's performance in embedded systems

    Tests were done using Raspberry Pi Model B as a base platform. Testing covered Apache httpd 2.4 in various configurations (worker / prefork) and a lighttpd server. Most common use-cases were tested: static small and large file download, sending data through PHP scripts and long-running computations in PHP scripts.

  • 2008 - 2012

    Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Białystok Technical University

    BSc thesis: Information System for students based on LPC3250

    Target device was Embedded Artists EA3250, whole project was divided into three parts:

    1. Base system built with LTIB
    2. Web application with database
    3. C++/Qt application running on LCD display with touch screen

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